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Siarhei Barysiuk

As I wrote earlier, I have finished component model for qxtransformer.
Okay, now it's time to make it public and provide some information on

Some quotes from documentation:

For any real application, it is impossible to put all the code into
one file. The best way in such situation is to split your application
to logically pieces and integrate them. This will make the application
much easier to maintain and will also increase flexibility. Plus, it
will result in a much cleaner architecture and design of the
application. This principle applies to user interface building.

Components are logically complete and/or reusable parts of the
application’s UI. For example, think of a window with all its content,
a panel with some elements, or an informational block which can be
used in different places in your application.

QxTransformer Component Model is similar to Flex’s Code Behind approach

You can find more information in our wiki:
1) QxTransformer Component Model -
2) Component Model - Advanced Topics and Questions -

Hope some users will find this useful. Looking forward to getting your feedback.

The latest sources of qxt with component support you can find in our
svn repository.

Siarhei Barysiuk

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