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qx.ui.mobile Carousel nextPage/previousPage bug

Oleksandr Shneyder

I think I found a bug in carousel widget. The functions nextPage() and
previousPage() not working correctly until carousel not coming through a

please take a loop on example: http://tinyurl.com/on4hd4s

if you clicking on the "next", you will see that pages are changing
without transition. After you reach the last page, nextPage() starting
to work as expected.

If you will set currentIndex to the last page and after that call
nextPage it will come to even harder error, try this code:


Instead of landing on the first page after scrollLoop as expected, you
will have an empty page. Try to swipe to previous page and you'll get an

1670920 playground.Application[18-0]: GlobalError: Error in property
currentIndex of class qx.ui.mobile.container.Carousel in method
setCurrentIndex with incoming value 'null': Null value is not allowed!

if you executing nextPage in timeout it works as expected:


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