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qx.bom.element.Animation.animate() listener for animation end

Werner Thie
Hi all

after digging in the source, I have my animation completion funcs
working again, by listening for 'end' like

var animation = {
   duration: 1000,
   keyFrames : {
     0 : {translate: "100px"}

var completionfunc = function() {

var elm = container.getContainerElement().getDomElement();
var anime = qx.bom.element.Animation.animate(elm, animation);
anime.addListenerOnce('end', completionfunc);

But, the docs seem to be out of sync in this particular area, stating
that 'animationEnd' is the name of the event instead of the now
seemingly functioning 'end'.

After this bout I wanted to ask, if the animation code is production
ready or not?

Another question which pops up is the seeping through of CSS notations
like '100px' instead of '100' (defaulting to pix) after getting
accustomed to this over quite a few qooxdoo generations.

With the absolute mode now gone too, I see this as a major setback in
terms of interface and abstraction quality, unless what I observe is
only a transition intermediary stage and not the golden goal.

Mahalo, Werner

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