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Andreas Ecker
Hi all,

you certainly know that qooxdoo "out-of-the-box" supports all possible
languages and locales for your custom applications,

qooxdoo itself (mainly the framework and the feedreader app) also
contain some translatable content, currently for the languages de, en,
es, fr, it, nl, sv. For instance you can switch languages in

To allow for collaboration and getting volunteers started more easily,
this is to remind you of the "Translation" project in qooxdoo-contrib:

There haven't been significant changes that would really require the
existing translation files (".po" files) to be updated w.r.t. the latest
0.8.3 release. Nevertheless it would be great if the contributors and
maintainers of the existing languages could have a look and prepare to
eventually do final touches early next week after the code base has been
prepared for the 1.0 release.

Please send an email to [hidden email] to let us know if you
continue to maintain or like to step-up and co-maintain existing
translations. Wanna see some other language ship with
qooxdoo/feedreader, then let us know as well. Could (albeit tight) make
it into the 1.0 release, but may as well be considered to ship with any
future release.



PS: If some native English speakers have some capacity to proof read
some other qooxdoo material in the next couple of days, please let me
know as well.

Andreas Ecker
Project Lead

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