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Dear all,

I am a developer who is new to Qooxdoo. I am having problems locating the correct api to download in order to access the qx.io object. Please can you advise which downloadable api contains qx.io?

I have downloaded the following from http://qooxdoo.org/downloads:
Server: qx-oo-5.0.1.js (contains qx, but not io)
Website: q-5.0.1.js

For example, I get the following:

        var rpc = new qx.io.remote.Rpc(

TypeError: qx.io is undefined

I am developing a website and mobile app on a tomcat server with a Java backend. I have used ext.js in the past and it would do all I want, but due to its expensive licensing I am looking to rather use Qooxdoo to develop the web and mobile front ends.

Thank you
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Re: qooxdoo-rpc-server

could you mind reposting your question in http://stackoverflow.com/ and tag it qooxdoo.