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Bill Adams-3

I've checked in qooxdoo-contrib/Crypto/OpenPGP and added

My use case is to encrypt a password and send it to the server for
authentication.  My application doesn't need SSL, and OpenPGP protects
the password without SSL.  Now I can add this feature to the
application, and will add the details as an example.

The package is called OpenPGP after the RFC 4880 standard.  GnuPG is the
Free Software Foundation implementation of OpenPGP, so the name GnuPG
would not be correct for this package.  On the server side, GnuPG is an
available extension to PHP, and this package was tested with PHP.

Encryption with 1024-bit keys (default for GnuPG) involves exact integer
computation with 300+ decimal digit numbers.  A useful implementation
requires an efficient large integer library.

This package is a port of http://www.hanewin.net/encrypt/ by Hanewinkel
and http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~tjw/jsbn/jsbn.js by Wu.
Hanewinkel uses the GPL-licensed large integer library by Hanna.  Wu's
large integer library is BSD-licensed and replaces Hanna's in this

I'm very interested in feedback, improvements, and next steps for this


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Hi Derrell!

> Andreas, it seems that over time, we may well have multiple
> crypto-related contributions of which this is but the first.  Does it
> make sense to create the crypto top-level namespace and then add
> Bill's contribution as crypto.gnupg.* (which leaves open the
> possibility of crypto.digest.md5, crypto.rot13, etc.) ?

Sure, that's the idea. All the crypto/encrypt/decrypt stuff that's not
available in qooxdoo yet (or needs to be consolidated) could be
developed as such a qooxdoo-contrib project, including additional
documentation/info/links on the corresponding wiki page:

Lets make this a showcase collaboration project.  ;-)


PS: I added quite a few links to the page. Bill and others, you might
want to check those resources and figure out any relevant input (e.g.
"best" implementations) for the qooxdoo crypto package.

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