oversized qx.ui.embed.Canvas() inside qx.ui.container.Scroll() - no scrolling?

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oversized qx.ui.embed.Canvas() inside qx.ui.container.Scroll() - no scrolling?

Stelmasik, Sebastian


I’ve put an oversized canvas element inside a Scroll container and now it should be scrollable, but I just don’t get any scrollbars?

– Did I forget so set sth.?


var main_container = new qx.ui.container.Composite();
var layout_manager = new qx.ui.layout.Canvas();



var scroll = new qx.ui.container.Scroll().set({
width: 930,
height: 610


canvasW =new qx.ui.embed.Canvas();


width: 1910,
height: 1545,
canvasWidth: 1910,
canvasHeight: 1545,
syncDimension: true


scroll.add(this.canvasW, {
left: 0,
top: 0




Thanks in advance!


Sebastian Stelmasik


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