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making NavigationPage back button tap-able

Kenneth Tilton-3
The qooxdoo mobile hello world example uses the back button on the second ("Overview") page, and it responds either to a click or to the backspace key. So far so good.

I am developing a ClojureScript library that sits on top of qx.mobilde, and it is coming alon great. I just got most of the helloworld example working, except back key is not clickable. (backspace key works fine).

A big difference is that I did not create a custom class for the Overview page, I just instantiated NavigationPage and customized it as per the the stuff in the Overview class of helloworld.

That means I had to leave out the override of the internal _back member function:

    // overridden
    _back : function(triggeredByKeyEvent)

I must say I do not see how that makes the back button clickable, but it is the only difference I can see.

I saw the API offers a getTitleWidget and got my hopes up, but there is no getBackButton. If so I could add a "tap" listener and be good to go. 

Of course I could modify the source and do it that way, but I suspect I am missing something. Perhaps if I actually deployed instead of testing in a browser it would tap fine?


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