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Zed Builds And Bugs Management Community Edition

Mr. Hericus
Hi All,

We would like to announce the new availability of a free version of Zed
Builds and Bugs Management.  This version is free to individuals and
small organizations who have need of an Automated Build solution along
with Bug Tracking.  The Community Edition, as we're calling it, is
limited in terms of the number of users and does not support remote
build step execution, but in every other way it is fully functional.

We have been getting some good traction with our main product, but have
received a number of requests from smaller organizations and individuals
who see the benefits of the application, but don't have the funds for
the full version.

We're announcing here on the Qooxdoo list first because this community
and the Qooxdoo framework have been at the heart of our success.  We're
glad to be users of Qooxdoo and look forward to 2009 as we will be
migrating to the 0.8 release with our next major upgrade.

Details on the Community Edition can be found here:

Feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments.

Our current development effort surrounds the migration of our
application from Qooxdoo 0.7 to 0.8.  We'll be writing a series of
articles on this process and will be posting them on line to share with
the community.  We're very excited about 0.8, and looking forward to a
whole new application for the new year!


Mr. Hericus
[hidden email]

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