Weird layout problem with Tabview and FF3.6

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Weird layout problem with Tabview and FF3.6

John Spackman

Hi guys,


I have a really weird problem with FF3.6 (Mac & PC) that’s fine with Chrome, Safari, and IE8 & 7.  I havn’t got a simple sample I can show because there’s lots of code to extricate it from but please can anyone give me some hints on this!!


I have a Composite that I position on top of another Composite using my own layout (it’s not a Stack layout but it’s very similar) and everything is hunky dory until I add a tabview _and_ a page, at which point the entire composite gets shifted 90 pixels to left; the parent composite (the one with the Stack-like layout) is in the right place still so the left hand side of the Composite being repositioned is cut off.


At first I thought that this must be a bug in my custom layout, but I’m using Firebug to look at the CSS and the inner composite has an absolute position of left=0 and I cannot see for the life of me why it’s positioned off to the left this way – how can I have a DIV which is absolutely positioned at left=0 inside another absolutely positioned div and have it offset by -90px?


I guess I’m not going entirely mad because the other browsers are just fine – but can you think of anything I might have missed?  





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