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SelectBox and getModelSelection

Daniel Lenggenhager
Hi all,

I've an error, when I try to reload a select box and remember the selected model (to reselect after reloading).
Error: Could only select one item, but the selection array contains 2 items!

Have I missed something? - Thanks for the help.



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Re: SelectBox and getModelSelection

  var modelSelection = (selectBox.isSelectionEmpty()) ? 2 : selectBox.getModelSelection().getItem(0);
  [{ID: 1, name: 'Test ' + Math.random()},{ID: 2, name: 'Test ' + Math.random()},{ID: 3, name: 'Test ' + Math.random()}].forEach(function(item){
    selectBox.add(new qx.ui.form.ListItem(, null, item.ID));