Right mouse clicks selects tree item and shows context popup

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Right mouse clicks selects tree item and shows context popup

Werner Thie
Aloha all

just had a hair pulling and head scratching session lasting two hours,
lots of googling, lots of stuff not working out, here's the solution,
which seems to do the trick on qx-5.0:

var tree = new qx.ui.tree.VirtualTree(null, "name", "children").set({
   width : 250,
   padding: 0,
   backgroundColor: 'transparent'

//trepr contains some JSON string modelling the tree, coming from the
{"path": "../data", "name": "root", "children": [{"path": "../data",
"name": "item1"}, {"path": "../data", "name": "item2"}]}
var model = qx.data.marshal.Json.createModel(JSON.parse(trepr), true);
tree.setModel(model);    // connect the store and the tree

//open the root node

//double click handler, show some getter results (model dependent)
function _onDblClickItem(e) {
   var item = e.getTarget();
   alert(item.getModel().getPath() + '/' + item.getModel().getName());

//right click handler
function _onContextMenu(e) {
   var item = e.getTarget();
   var selection = tree.getSelection();
   selection.setItem(0, item.getModel());

   var contextMenu = new qx.ui.menu.Menu();
   var newButton = new qx.ui.menu.Button("New");
   var editButton = new qx.ui.menu.Button("Edit");



   contextMenu.addListenerOnce("disappear", function(e) {
     contextMenu.getChildren().forEach(function(w) {

   bindItem : function (controller, item, id) {
     controller.bindDefaultProperties(item, id);
     item.addListener("dblclick", _onDblClickItem, this);
     item.addListener("contextmenu", _onContextMenu, this);

   //removing the stuff we bound earlier on
   onPool : function(item) {
     item.removeListener("dblclick", _onDblClickItem, this);
     item.removeListener("contextmenu", _onContextMenu, this);


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