Release 0.8.1 (preliminary) review

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Release 0.8.1 (preliminary) review

Gaetan de Menten
Hi all,

Congrats for the release.

Here is are some comments after 2min of testing:
- the playground is a great idea. Couldn't it be integrated in the
demobrowser so that you could play with each demo?
- the calculator in the playground is annoyingly limited, why not put
the real/functional demo in there? If you try to go from one button to
another through the keyboard, it fails due to the alert/popup. You
can't even type values in the value box since it's a label instead of
a textfield. If you don't look at the code, you think it's a bug...
Not a good impression for a demo.
- the "validating" data binding demo accepts input starting with a
number but containing letters while it shouldn't: "10fsdsdsdf" doesn't
trigger the red border.

Gaƫtan de Menten

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