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References across application parts

Cajus Pollmeier

how can I use an interface thru several application parts without

Attempt to block load-time dependency of class foo.Bar to foo.IInterface


Here's why:

Basically I need some way to mark certain classes to provide a feature.
Technically these features get expressed by a simple integer value by an
external backend. So 0x0008 is for feature X and 0x4012 is for feature
Y. These numbers are not easy to remember, so I'd like to use constants
for that - just for code readability.

Using constants instead of these numbers leads to the same problem like
with the interfaces above. Looks like some "load-time" features need to
be "part self containing". Or there's something wrong on my side.

I could include these constants from an external js file, but then I've
to get rid of hundreds of "unknown global" generator errors. There seems
to be some "allowed-globals" key in the lint checking section, but no
matter where I put it, they don't go away.

Any ideas?


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