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John Spackman
Hi Henrik

I think your problem re: size of the input is fixed in r21436; there was a
similar issue reported with toolbar buttons and the code now resizes the
input element to match the button.

Keyboard support isn't so easy - the Qooxdoo button is never actually
used, an invisible input[type=file] field is just put on top of the button
so when it looks like you're clicking on the button, you're actually
clicking the input.  But when you tab around the form, focus is moved to
the Qx button (i.e. underneath the input[type=file]) and hitting space
fires the button's execute method, which does nothing.

I found out this morning that it is possible to simulate a mouse click on
a file input element but only on some browsers - Chrome and IE6+ both work
fine, but FF gives a popup warning and actually removes the Qooxdoo button
from the screen!  This fix is in the latest version (r21575) but is
disabled on FF.

Please can you post questions like this via the mailing list so we can
track the discussion.


On 21/10/2011 16:26, "Henrik Pauli" <[hidden email]> wrote:

>I discovered a weird issue with UploadMgr, in particular that the file
>input generated by it is enormous (a few thousand px by a few hundred
>px).  I'm trying to put two buttons (in my case, associated with two
>separate managers) in a Grid, next to each other -- an Image is above
>each, which I will update with the uploaded image, to provide feedback
>to the user.
>So, it seems to me that the right side button covers the left side one,
>in both Chrome 13 and Firefox 7.  Not the decoration, but the actual
>input -- thus making it impossible to click the left side one.
>I've also noticed that the buttons don't react to keyboard "clicks" only
>mouse ones.
>revision.txt says 21434, if that helps any :)  And I use Qx 1.5

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