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Loosing focus by blocking another widget

Tim van Oijen

I found an issue today which appears to be an existing bug: http://bugzilla.qooxdoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7584
See also a previous question with a nice example of the bug: http://qooxdoo.678.n2.nabble.com/Blocker-steals-keyboard-focus-of-Table-td7584148.html

In short: when blocking a widget that is focusable, the focus of the current focused control is lost.

I found out that the bug is triggered by the fact that the Blocker class (..\qooxdoo-4.0.1-sdk\framework\source\class\qx\ui\core\Blocker.js) backup and restores focus and activation of the widget and other elements (functions _backupActiveWidget and _restoreActiveWidget). I simply removed these functions and the calls to it and as far as I can see, the bug has been solved and everything still seems to work fine, at least for our application.

Is there anybody who knows why a widget is focused when it is blocked and what might be broken in case the whole focuse/active handling is removed from this class, such that only the event-blocking functionality remains?

I am developing on version 4.0.1.

Thanks in advance,
Tim van Oijen

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