Announcing , Qooxdoo + Tornado + Rethinkdb powered Web Based Team Communication

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Announcing , Qooxdoo + Tornado + Rethinkdb powered Web Based Team Communication

Phyo Arkar

Hello all QooxDoers!

Thank you so much qooxdoo team for awesome qooxdoo framework! Without qooxdoo , there will be no

We are very proud to announce :

It is 4 month work of 3 developers from Myanmar.

It is a Rich Internet Chatroom, for teams!

It is Rethought of Real-Time Remote Group Communication. We’ve used existing solutions for group working but they are not good enough. When multiple people are chatting at the same time we can’t know what is talking to who . It get worse with live voice and video chats, Talking everyone at the same time and unable to replay what was said , making group communications harder.

To make Team communication effective and fun we design a very Rich Chat-room with narrative Capabilities of Github Flavored Markdown support , Push to Talk voice chat , Webcam , Uploads , Replies for Threaded discussion . Twitter style @mentions with notifications #Channels.

Features Summary :

  • Full Markdown.
  • Higlighting Pasted Codes, Links
  • Sharing and Live view of Images, Audio , Video
  • Push to Talk Audio and Webcam
  • Cross Platform
  • Zero Install. Fully HTML5.
  • #Channels

Powered by Qooxdoo , PyPy , Tornado , RethinkDB and HTML5.

It is still under heavy development , still in Early Beta stage so if there any bugs please report us. We cannot promise data consistency yet , we will delete them when there datastructure changes necessary.

PS: We are also looking for investors , we are developing many interesting features and Enterprise features in the pipeline.

Phyo Arkar Lwin



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