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Add external stylesheet

Tomás Antunes
How do I add an external stylesheet in a Qooxdoo mobile application?
I've already added the asset on the top of the file.


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Re: Add external stylesheet

Add it to your app's config.json (example below):

Add a variable in the "let" entry and name it whatever you want (I named mine "GRAPHICS_CSS")

"let" :
    "APPLICATION"  : "rapp",
    "APPLICATION_PATH" : "rapp",
    "APPLICATION_CSS" : "${APPLICATION_PATH}/css/mech-blue-styles.css",  // resource id of custom css
    "GRAPHICS_CSS" : "${APPLICATION_PATH}/css/nativegraphics.css",  // resource id of SQville's NativeGraphics css
    "QOOXDOO_PATH" : "../..",
    "LOCALES"      : [ "en" ],

In the "jobs" section of the config.json file add the variable to the job types:

"source-script" :
      "extend" : ["mobile-common"],
      "add-css" : [
        { "uri" : "./resource/${MOBILE_THEME_PATH}" },
        { "uri" : "./resource/${APPLICATION_CSS}" },
        { "uri" : "./resource/${GRAPHICS_CSS}" }

For my app i have the variable in "source-script", "source-hybrid", "build-script" and "source-all-script"

If you look at the source of my mobile app using Chrome's web tools you'll see the "nativegraphics.css" as one of the resources (My mobile Qooxdoo app)